Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At Wisconsin Electric, we take pride in being your trusted partner for all your electrical needs. Our team understands that electrical projects can be complex and sometimes confusing, which is why we're here to provide clarity and expert guidance. Below, we’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions about our electrical services. Learn more and reach out to our local electrician for a quote today!

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What types of electrical services do you offer?

At Wisconsin Electric, we offer a wide array of electrical services to cater to both residential and commercial needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Generator Services

  • New Commercial Builds

  • New Residential Builds

  • Custom Lighting Builds

  • LED Upgrades

  • Services and Repairs


Is your team licensed and insured?

Yes, our team of electricians is fully licensed and insured. We prioritize safety and ensure that our technicians are trained, certified, and covered with insurance. You can trust our expertise and dedication to delivering safe and reliable electrical services.


Why do I need to hire a professional electrician?

Hiring a professional electrician is essential for several reasons. Electrical work can be complex, intricate, and potentially hazardous. Attempting to address electrical issues or complete projects without the necessary knowledge and experience can result in safety risks, property damage, and even legal consequences.

Professional electricians are well-trained, skilled, and knowledgeable about the latest industry standards and safety measures. They can provide expert troubleshooting and repairs, ensuring that the root cause of an electrical issue is addressed rather than just applying a temporary fix. When you hire a professional, you are not only ensuring the safety of your home or business but also the longevity and reliability of your electrical systems.


My breaker keeps tripping, what do I do?

If your circuit breaker continues to trip repeatedly, it is a clear sign of an underlying electrical issue that requires immediate attention. Do not simply keep resetting the breaker, as it can pose safety risks and further damage to your electrical system. Repeated tripping may be due to overloaded circuits, faulty wiring, or a short circuit. Contact a licensed electrician to inspect, diagnose, and rectify the problem to ensure your safety and the integrity of your electrical system. Ignoring this issue can lead to more significant and costly problems in the long run.


How can I save money on my electrical bill?

There are several strategies to reduce your electrical bill and improve energy efficiency in your home or business:

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting, such as LED bulbs.

  • Install a programmable thermostat to manage heating and cooling systems more efficiently.

  • Seal gaps and insulate your property to prevent energy loss.

  • Unplug devices and appliances when they are not in use to eliminate energy waste.

  • Consult with our professionals for energy-saving solutions, including smart home systems and more. We can help you make informed choices to lower your energy consumption and costs.


What does a humming noise coming from my electrical panel mean?

A humming noise originating from your electrical panel should not be ignored, as it may indicate an issue that needs immediate attention. This noise can result from a loose breaker, overheating components, or other electrical problems. To ensure safety and prevent potential electrical hazards, contact a professional electrician to inspect and address the issue promptly. Ignoring unusual sounds from your electrical panel can lead to more severe issues and pose risks to your electrical system and safety.

Our team at Wisconsin Electric is dedicated to ensuring your safety, meeting your electrical needs, and helping you achieve energy efficiency. If you have further questions or require personalized assistance with your electrical project, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide expert guidance, professional services, and ensure that your electrical requirements are met with the utmost care and attention. Your satisfaction, safety, and energy efficiency are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you.

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